Workplaces With A Difference

Do you get up and ready for work dreading the day ahead because of the terrible office environment, but love your job? It could be time for your company to take a leaf out of one of these company’s books.

The Slovenian Chamber of Commerce has created their business in an office that resembles a rainforest. With light beaming through like the sun and plants and trees looking healthy and urban, this office in Ljubljana is the perfect eco-friendly haven for its employees. We just feel sorry for the gardener.

We’re off to Madrid now to offices that are half submerged under a forest floor. Half of this office has been created with transparent acrylic and the other half has been built with insulated fibreglass. These two are combined to ensure natural light enters the offices and when the sun is out, the employees are shaded too.

This next office is very Green; literally. This grown up Tellytubbyland has grassy knolls and moss spread around the office which happens to be an eight-storey amusement arcade. This quirky, creative office has taken influence from a bowling alley and blended with the outdoors. It’s brilliant!

The UK’s turn now and we are right in the middle of the Capital. London’s Manchester Square has been recreated to look more like a gentlemen’s club than an office. Interior designers SHH have created an environment that you won’t even want to leave on a Friday afternoon; the weekend will start here!

If you like the sound of these offices, you could use them as your imagination for your office in Huntingdon and turn your plain office into one that your employees, your clients and you, love. Be creative and be proud of your office. Who said Huntingdon offices had to be like every other one of its kind?