Office Moving Checklist

office movingArrange a moving date and ensure that each member of staff has packed their desk up by that date.

Check the cords you have for telephones and computers, do they need to be longer?

Tell your clients you are moving offices before you move. Also rearrange any meetings around the date of the office move.

Inform the company that designed your website, get them to change the map on your site and the address of your office location.

Start including leaflets with new address in all post so they can see you are moving and they are prepared.

Add a status about the address to the base of your emails, under the signature so your contacts are aware.

Inform any companies and suppliers you deal with that you are moving, they will need to know where they now need to deliver your supplies too.

Arrange for your new telephone number to be put on emails too and re-direct your phone lines once you have moved offices.

Notify the local post office and request all post is forwarded to the new?????????????????

Contact your bank and get them to print a new cheque book with your address on it.

Arrange for new letterheads and address labels to be printed for your new office address.

Order signs to go up on your new office so when people are trying to find you they can see the signs.

Decide how things are to be moved, by a company or buy your staff or will you hire a van or lorry?

These are just a few things to consider when moving office, but most importantly; don’t let the small things stress you out!