No Space For Waste

Making your office in bury st Edmunds a more eco-friendly place may seem like an exhausting and challenging task that you may avoid for weeks on end.

However, by making your office more environmentally friendly, you can save yourself a heap of cash whilst being proud of the fact that you’ve done your part for Mother Nature. By following these 3 simple steps, you can learn how to make a start on turning your wasteful office to something a little greener.

The first step is to remember to use electricity wisely. Often we don’t think about the costs of leaving a computer on or forgetting to switch off a printer however we never see what impact it has on our environment.

Electricity is most commonly generated from fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas.

By cutting back on the amount of electricity we use, we are not only reducing the amount of fuel needed to produce a full unit of energy output, we are also helping to reduce our carbon footprint and therefore, help the environment.

So, before you leave the office, have a peek round at all the desks to ensure that all the computers, monitors, lights and any other technical devices are switched off. Also, throughout the year make sure that you take full advantage of the natural sunlight as much as you can.

If you need to use light bulbs, how about switching to compact fluorescent bulbs or LED bulbs instead of using incandescent ones to help cut back on the overall energy usage.

It cannot be stressed enough how important recycling is.

By recycling everything you use, you will help to prevent the huge negative impact that waste has on the natural environment such as habitat destruction and harmful chemicals that are released from the waste in landfill sites.

Before you leave the office, or even during the day why not clear your desk of paper, cups, anything that can be recycled and pop it in your designated recycling bin. If you don’t have a designated bin, it is important that you invest in one to ensure that no rubbish gets mixed up or ends up in the Bermuda triangle drawer that every desk owner possesses.

Not only is recycling important, reusing is just as vital to protecting the environment. Though reusing items may seem unappealing, even using both sides of paper instead of wasting it can help reduce your carbon footprint.

As one of the most common causes of animal deaths in the UK, how about investing in one bag to carry all your shopping in instead of throwing away lots and lots of carrier bags? This way you can help prevent animal deaths and reduce your carbon footprint.

The last tip is to use environmentally friendly products in your work place. Though they may cost a little more, this is a small price to pay when considering the impact of pollution on the world. You don’t have to go full out and replace every desk and chair with something biodegradable, you can start off small. Maybe invest in some recycled paper, refillable printer ink cartridges; even some non-toxic highlighters would do the job.

If you follow these steps you will be well on your way to giving that little something back to the world and transforming your office in bury St Edmunds into an eco-friendly location.


Office Moving Checklist

office movingArrange a moving date and ensure that each member of staff has packed their desk up by that date.

Check the cords you have for telephones and computers, do they need to be longer?

Tell your clients you are moving offices before you move. Also rearrange any meetings around the date of the office move.

Inform the company that designed your website, get them to change the map on your site and the address of your office location.

Start including leaflets with new address in all post so they can see you are moving and they are prepared.

Add a status about the address to the base of your emails, under the signature so your contacts are aware.

Inform any companies and suppliers you deal with that you are moving, they will need to know where they now need to deliver your supplies too.

Arrange for your new telephone number to be put on emails too and re-direct your phone lines once you have moved offices.

Notify the local post office and request all post is forwarded to the new?????????????????

Contact your bank and get them to print a new cheque book with your address on it.

Arrange for new letterheads and address labels to be printed for your new office address.

Order signs to go up on your new office so when people are trying to find you they can see the signs.

Decide how things are to be moved, by a company or buy your staff or will you hire a van or lorry?

These are just a few things to consider when moving office, but most importantly; don’t let the small things stress you out!

Time To Change…

Time to change

There are hundreds of new locations that can create, expand and improve your business, just waiting for you to move in.

With offices in Cambridge and Peterborough, there is a property suitable for every client. Big, small, convenient or even character buildings are all available for you to have look round and turn your dreams into reality.

Whether you want to change the area, change the building or you have just outgrown your old office then we urge you to have a look at the list of Peterborough and Cambridge properties on offer. There is plenty of opportunity to bring a new lease of life to your business with large potential for retail, commercial and industrial-driven businesses.

Cities like Peterborough and Cambridge are increasingly growing in popularity which makes them both perfect locations to grow your business. There has been no better time than now to relocate to a place for the future.

Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership (GCGPEP) is focused on helping to drive forward sustainable economic growth in our area – with local businesses, education providers, voluntary organisations and social enterprises, and the public sector working together to achieve this. This is great news for anyone considering relocating to Cambridge or Peterborough knowing that something is being done to improve economic growth. This can only do well for you and your business.

Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership has also stated that its goal is to create an economy with 100,000 major businesses and create 160,000 new jobs by 2025, in an internationally significant low carbon, knowledge-based economy balanced wherever possible with advanced manufacturing and services. You too, could be a part of this drive towards a better economy in the area.

It is very reassuring that both Cambridge and Peterborough are focused on increasing the business in and around the cities. Join the team of businesses that are growing with the times and the city. There’s a property waiting for you!

Amazing Offices

Google officesThere are millions of businesses worldwide which means there are also a lot of office spaces that are cool or outrageous or both. Here are a few that have caught our eye that you could turn your Peterborough or Cambridge offices into.

  • Facebook Inc. – We all know Facebook as a company is worldwide so it’s pretty understandable that they have impressive office spaces. The Facebook office is full of crazy designs and chilled out chairs, making it possibly one of the coolest places to work. Mark Zuckerberg prides his business on its relaxed atmosphere and its offices reflect that.
  • Google – Another online super giant, possibly the biggest of them all, and they haven’t held back with their offices either. Very resembling to the ‘Google’ sign itself the offices are splashed with bright colours on a majority of the walls and floors. This vibrant atmosphere is similar to the Facebook offices in that they are modern and just ooze ‘coolness’.
  • Red Bull, UK – This office is set in the country’s capital and also boasts some quite unique features, including a futuristic slide from upstairs to downstairs. It’s definitely a quicker way to get to a meeting. If this wasn’t a good enough way to get from one level to the next, the building also has a rivalled floating staircase too. To top this office off it has a roof terrace looking over London. Not a bad way to spend your breaks.

These are just three of the offices that are known for their impressive interior. Your office can be the same! We offer a number of offices in Peterborough and Cambridge that are just waiting for you and your imaginative workplace to enter them to create the perfect working environment.

Who knows, next year you could be part of this list…

Why Demand For Property Management Services is Rising


The property industry in the UK has been regaining lost ground and is slowly recovering from a long global recession and while the signs of growth are slow, they are promising.

Something that has come to light recently has been the increased demand for property management services and not just in London, where values remain considerably higher than the rest of the regions.

So why are owners keen to contract property management functions to a third party?  There may be several reasons including:-

  • More businesses regard rental properties as the long term prospect for their organisation perhaps due to stricter lending criteria and need for larger deposits, which is restricting demand for freehold ownership.   This has led to an increase in demand for rental properties which in turn has boosted expectations for property standards and maintenance.
  • The legislation surrounding lettings, rentals and health and safety regulations is increasingly lengthy, complex and complicated.  Landlords would rather have experts attend to such matters and this is where commercial property experts and advisors come in. They are there to ensure that the interests of their clients and that of their tenants are properly looked after.
  • Tenants themselves can also contract out the management functions if their buildings to firms providing facilities management functions.

Property management services actually encompass many services, not only rent, insurance and service charge collection but can include day to day running and operational handling of the property, safety inspections, 24 hour call out maintenance and service and utilities management.  At the same time the management of the property on behalf of a landlord can and should include advice on how to improve rental income and capital appreciation.

Having a property managed by professionals can greatly improve the asset performance of a commercial property investment.  Call Barker Storey Matthews for an initial consultation.

How To Evaluate A Commercial Property?

commericalCommercial property is a property which is rented or leased to businesses and typically falls into a number of categories including offices, industrial or warehouse buildings or retail shops and warehouses.  The Use Classes Order 2005 tables various uses into groups; Uses A1-A2 deal with most “retail uses, A3-A5 food and drink uses such as takeaways, restaurants and pubs whilst Uses B1 to B8 deal with a whole variety of business use from offices (B1) to warehouses, manufacturing uses and special heavy industrial processes


Rents for commercial property can vary dramatically depending on a number of factors including

  • Location
  • Condition
  • Size
  • Age
  • Overall specification of the space

As well as these factors, rent can be affected by how long a tenant is prepared to rent the space for.  A flexible lease with options to break the agreement will invariably mean that the rent will be much higher than if an occupier agrees to lease a property for say 10 or 15 years.  The longer the lease the more the financial incentives are – subject of course to the tenant demonstrating that they have a business that can afford the rent in the first place !

If you are considering taking a lease on commercial property then first thing you should consider is to appoint  or liaise with a commercial property agent or chartered surveyor who can advise in terms of the best deal for you.  Specialist Chartered Surveyors are able to advise on condition of commercial property as well as advise on terms appropriate for the premises you are considering.

Rent as well as price should account for the cost of any repairs ! 

How To Select A Good Retail Property Location?

retail property

As a retailer, selecting the right size of retail property is often important in terms of corporate fit; you know the format, standard cost of fitting out, how many staff to recruit and the likely volume of sales generated from a certain trading area.  As important, if not critical is the location.

From the outset, a poor location will mean poor sales.  So, how exactly do you select a good location for a retail property?

  • Understand your audience and target market.
  • What age group are you catering to?
  • Do your customers live near that area?
  • Do your customers walk or drive to your property. If they will be driving, is there enough parking near the retail property location?

If you are looking for a retail property then you can assess how other retailers are currently trading.  You may already have contacts in the retail trade and they might give you some valuable information about the area and an insight into spending habits of the local community.

Assess your competition in the particular area too.  If it exists then you will have to rework your strategy to see how you can attract business towards your retail property.   Analyse how tough the competition really is and if the competition is too fierce and you do not provide unique offer then are you better off going elsewhere?

If you are inexperienced in making location decisions and negotiations then you should contact a specialist commercial property agent or chartered surveyor with retail expertise, who can point you in the right direction, help you locate the best retail property for your business and then advise on the most appropriate terms of the lease for the property in question.