It’s Time For Plan B

A new study has found that workers are less satisfied with open plan offices than closed off ones.

The same study, published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, also explained that open plan offices do not boost teamwork or interaction among colleagues.

Among the verbose spreading around the office, one gripe that every employee had about their working environment was the temperature. The study also found that half of the workers that work in an open plan environment were not satisfied with the lack of sound privacy.

This study was taken by the University of Sydney and was taken on the basis of over 40,000 surveys received on behalf of employers from the US, Finland, Canada and Australia.

If you are fed up with your open office in Bury St Edmunds then, it’s time to either re-shuffle or relocate. Bury St Edmunds offices range from traditional buildings to modern and contemporary offices in the centre of town, and as many are empty waiting for you to move in, you can create the perfect space to respect your employee’s opinions and preferences.

This is the perfect time to result to Plan B and get rid of that existing open plan office and move into a property that can be adapted to your departments and your business, without your employees worrying about lack of sound privacy.

Build your team in a new environment and allow them to boost their teamwork and moral in a closely-knitted space. Your new Plan B is an office in Bury St Edmunds.


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