Relocation, Relocation

Many people have heard about, or seen, the popular television program where people decide between two locations in order to spend their lives. The same happens with commercial property with many businesses too.

With increased demand, and higher costs in London, a lot of businesses are choosing to venture outside of the capital to locations that are far away to ensure costs remain low and close enough that transport links are easy and scalable. This is where commercial property Huntingdon and commercial property Bury St Edmunds come in.

With costs and outgoings being much lower than London commercial property prices and the access of the capital in an hour’s drive, these locations are becoming the perfect spot for businesses. It’s not just commercial property that has taken this plunge, industrial properties are also being occupied by organisations that were once settled in the capital.

Having a strategically placed industrial property is paramount to a successful business, especially when you already have strong links with companies set in other locations. Access to main motorways for hauling, for example, is a must and with a commercial property Huntingdon, that can be achieved.

Choosing your home depends very much on location, and this should be the same as a commercial or industrial property. Having a property in London may seem like a great idea on the outset but if you could be keeping your outgoings low and your income high with a property outside of the capital, it makes sense.


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