The Best Offices In The UK

When you think of an office, you think of computers, telephones, and boring chairs on wheels but that isn’t always the case.

We have highlighted some of the best, most unique offices in the UK:

  • Innocent Drinks – We know Innocent for making a number of smoothies that fill our favourite supermarkets, but did you know their office is a smooth as their drinks are? Well, you do now. Every lunch is a picnic with wooden benches and bunting overhead. Iconic imagery and traditional red phone boxes make up the rest of the décor, meaning this makes the cut as one of the best offices in the UK.
  • Red Bull – Another drink company, but arguably a larger firm, so of course, larger ideas. This office oozes modern design and fun and incorporates a slide from level to level and boasts a ping pong meeting room. Unfortunately though, they don’t have wings to fly around with. Still, a great looking office nonetheless.
  • Virgin Money – In the final spot is Virgin Money. This office makes the cut through its pure innovation and inventiveness. This office has already won an award for the ‘Best Recycled & Refurbished Workplace in Britain’ and now we are featuring it in our best offices in the UK. Who said being eco wasn’t cool? It definitely wasn’t Richard Branson.

These might be some of the best offices in the UK, but they are also well established and well-known brands. This doesn’t mean your office in Bury St Edmunds has to be boring though. Add some flair and creativity into your office and you could well be featured in our next article.


Location Is Key To Success

Every business owner wants to keep income as high as possible while keeping outgoings low, but it is not always that easy. If it was, we would all have our own business.

There are a number things to consider in order to do this though and they can include keeping your utility bills low by turning lights off at the end of the day, for example. In fact, changing your normal lights to LED lighting will help to lower costs even more.

One of the ways you can end up saving a proportionate amount of money though is by relocating. I can see people thinking, “Relocating? That’s more money!” but hear us out.

If you were to relocate from a major city like London or Cambridge to offices in Huntingdon, for example, they would save a substantial amount of money on rent, and will still have quick access to Cambridge and London.

Often, many employees will travel from outside of the major cities to get into work, so this would be a much more convenient move for them too. Happy staff = increased productivity. With increased productivity = increased revenue … and so on, and so forth.

So, although you may have to pay an initial deposit to move into your new office in Huntingdon, the return on investment will more than pay for it.

Relocation, Relocation

Many people have heard about, or seen, the popular television program where people decide between two locations in order to spend their lives. The same happens with commercial property with many businesses too.

With increased demand, and higher costs in London, a lot of businesses are choosing to venture outside of the capital to locations that are far away to ensure costs remain low and close enough that transport links are easy and scalable. This is where commercial property Huntingdon and commercial property Bury St Edmunds come in.

With costs and outgoings being much lower than London commercial property prices and the access of the capital in an hour’s drive, these locations are becoming the perfect spot for businesses. It’s not just commercial property that has taken this plunge, industrial properties are also being occupied by organisations that were once settled in the capital.

Having a strategically placed industrial property is paramount to a successful business, especially when you already have strong links with companies set in other locations. Access to main motorways for hauling, for example, is a must and with a commercial property Huntingdon, that can be achieved.

Choosing your home depends very much on location, and this should be the same as a commercial or industrial property. Having a property in London may seem like a great idea on the outset but if you could be keeping your outgoings low and your income high with a property outside of the capital, it makes sense.