Amazing Offices

Google officesThere are millions of businesses worldwide which means there are also a lot of office spaces that are cool or outrageous or both. Here are a few that have caught our eye that you could turn your Peterborough or Cambridge offices into.

  • Facebook Inc. – We all know Facebook as a company is worldwide so it’s pretty understandable that they have impressive office spaces. The Facebook office is full of crazy designs and chilled out chairs, making it possibly one of the coolest places to work. Mark Zuckerberg prides his business on its relaxed atmosphere and its offices reflect that.
  • Google – Another online super giant, possibly the biggest of them all, and they haven’t held back with their offices either. Very resembling to the ‘Google’ sign itself the offices are splashed with bright colours on a majority of the walls and floors. This vibrant atmosphere is similar to the Facebook offices in that they are modern and just ooze ‘coolness’.
  • Red Bull, UK – This office is set in the country’s capital and also boasts some quite unique features, including a futuristic slide from upstairs to downstairs. It’s definitely a quicker way to get to a meeting. If this wasn’t a good enough way to get from one level to the next, the building also has a rivalled floating staircase too. To top this office off it has a roof terrace looking over London. Not a bad way to spend your breaks.

These are just three of the offices that are known for their impressive interior. Your office can be the same! We offer a number of offices in Peterborough and Cambridge that are just waiting for you and your imaginative workplace to enter them to create the perfect working environment.

Who knows, next year you could be part of this list…


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