Why Get Your Property Surveyed?

A Chartered Building Surveyor makes the job of assessing a property before purchase simple.  Whether you are interested in a residential house, an office building, industrial or warehouse unit our building surveyors can help.

Estimate the Repair and Upgrade Costs

When buying commercial property Cambridge, you should check for any damage or defects that exist and assess what is needed to rectify those issues.  It is important to assess the true cost of the works as this will inevitably ????????????????????????????????????????have an impact on your own assessment of value.

Help You to Save Money

Our Building Surveyors will provide you a report after the completion of the survey containing all the information and detail you need.  Depending on the type of building survey you wish to commission you will be able to ascertain the full condition of the commercial property Cambridge as well as its cost.   And depending on the recommendations of the report you may be able to negotiate with the seller and reduce the asking price.

Explain What Areas You Want To Be Surveyed

It may not be necessary to get the whole commercial property Cambridge assessed.   There may be different parts of the property that could be in a different state of repair: for example are there new extensions or parts of the property already refurbished?  It may be that you can decide which areas are requisite to be surveyed and which don’t need assessment at all.  At the point of instruction you should tell the surveyors your requirements in order to reduce the extent of the work that you are to be billed for.

Old Surveys, Insurance Policies and Related Documentschartered surveyor

If possible it is always helpful to provide your surveyor with copies of any old surveys, insurance policies, plans/drawings and related legal documents as these may help in assess the property more effectively and efficiently.   If you don’t have such documents with you, ask the seller to provide you with everything they may have available.

Building Surveyors are teams and individuals that help people buy properties after a thorough analysis in order to make the right decision.   A full survey clearly helps in providing advice whether or not one should buy the property, and, with additional valuation advice, what should be the right price to pay.

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