Industrial, warehouse or trade counter? Does your use comply?

As you can imagine at Barker Storey Matthews we sell and let many types of Industrial Properties.  But if you are interested in buying or leasing it is important to ensure that your proposed use is acceptable in planning terms.logo

The different uses for industrial properties are defined in the Use Classes Order which breaks down use into a number of categories.  Generally speaking an industrial property is a building that is occupied by a company directly involved with the manufacturing of goods and / or storage of goods. How the space inside the building is used is critical in planning terms

Light industrial buildings

These are covered under use class B1.  The “test” really is to consider whether the use can be considered “appropriate in a residential area”.  Uses within this category include research and development of products and processes and ”light industry”.

Heavy use manufacturing buildings

These are generally covered under use class B2.  As an example buildings involved in the production and manufacture on heavy industrial equipment fall within this category.  The actual wording for planning is “use for industrial process other than one falling within class B1 (excluding incineration purposes, chemical treatment or landfill or hazardous waste)”.


Quite straightforward really.  Storage and distribution of goods is covered under use class B8.  It should be noted that outside storage also requires this consent.  Trade counter use generally falls within use class B8 but other criteria needs to be taken into account, particularly relating to the percentage of the total floor-space given over to retail sales.

Other uses

There are exceptions and there is a specific phrase known as “Sui Generis”.  Such uses include scrap yards, sale and/or displaying motor vehicles, retail warehouse clubs, launderettes etc.Activists go after pollution from Schnitzer yard

If you are looking for an Industrial Property in Cambridgeshire Suffolk or East Anglia in general and need some help then why not call us for an informal discussion.

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