Ask a Question Day

Its ask a question day!  At Barker Storey Matthews it is important that we ask the right questions when dealing with customers looking for commercial property so we know what details to send to them.  Equally it’s important for customers to know what questions to ask so here are a few pointers for the different types of commercial property.

ask a question day










If you are looking for an industrial unit or warehouse property then, apart from the size of the property, relevant questions may include:

  • What is the eaves height and maximum height of the roof – important to gauge volume of stock that can be stored or for fitting in machinery
  • How many loading doors are there, what are the heights and are their dock levellers?
  • How big is the yard area – important for vehicle access, turning etc
  • What is the floor loading – important for industrial buildings with heavy machinery
  • What is the power supply – again important in industrial units that are to be used for manufacturing processes

When looking for office property quite often companies, especially smaller firms looking at smaller office suites, cannot really gauge how much floor space they actually need.   Of course much hinges on whether the use is for, say, a call centre or for say a professional practice that needs private interview rooms.  Much hinges on whether the space is to be used on an open plan basis or not.  So floor space density can be as low as say 65 sq ft per person up to say 120 sq ft per person.  However other questions that are relevant include:

  • Is there comfort cooling or air conditioning?
  • Are there raised floors – important in larger buildings for computer and telecoms wiring etc.
  • How many car parking spaces are there – possibly one of the most commonly asked questions
  • What is the standard of lighting – is it energy efficient, is it VDU compatible etc

Retail enquiries tend to be more location orientated.  Clearly shop units located in city centres and more specifically in shopping centres will inevitable be more costly to rent.  Location is also dependent on what good are being sold, whether specialist or not.  Specifically relating to the property common questions are likely to include:

  • What is the net frontage – important for display purposes
  • What is the level of service charge – higher in shopping centres where services are provided such as security, cleaning etc
  • What retailers are established in the immediate vicinity
  • Is parking and delivery access acceptable

If you have any questions that you would like to ask about any of the industrial units, warehouses, office property or shop units we are marketing feel free to contact one of our offices and we hope to be able to give you the right answers!

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