Hot Property For Google


Search engine giant, Google, has purchased a huge part of land to begin working on new UK headquarters in London.

The company has bought the 2.4-acre plot and is part of the King’s Cross Central Development project. The amount that Google ha paid for this land is unknown but it has been estimated the whole build will cost somewhere in the region of £650 million.

The current Google offices are located in the Victoria District, which is a much more expensive area. The site in King’s Cross is thought to end up being valued over £1 billion once the build has been completed.

Google is the largest search engine used by Britons and will make the move after only recently renovating their current home in Victoria Street. The move, although hugely priced, will be good news for the UK as it shows just how much the company respects its British customers.

We can’t help but think they have paid way over the odds for property that could find elsewhere for a fraction of the price. If Google would have relocated to Peterborough offices they would have saved a whole bunch of money for the same amount of space.

If you don’t have the millions Google does, then you should choose the better valued option.


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