Hot Property For Google


Search engine giant, Google, has purchased a huge part of land to begin working on new UK headquarters in London.

The company has bought the 2.4-acre plot and is part of the King’s Cross Central Development project. The amount that Google ha paid for this land is unknown but it has been estimated the whole build will cost somewhere in the region of £650 million.

The current Google offices are located in the Victoria District, which is a much more expensive area. The site in King’s Cross is thought to end up being valued over £1 billion once the build has been completed.

Google is the largest search engine used by Britons and will make the move after only recently renovating their current home in Victoria Street. The move, although hugely priced, will be good news for the UK as it shows just how much the company respects its British customers.

We can’t help but think they have paid way over the odds for property that could find elsewhere for a fraction of the price. If Google would have relocated to Peterborough offices they would have saved a whole bunch of money for the same amount of space.

If you don’t have the millions Google does, then you should choose the better valued option.


The Best Offices In The World

With the amount of businesses there are in the world it is no wonder that we are about to go through some simply amazing offices.

  1. Let’s start with Google because most things online start with Google. This search engine super giant is well known for its internet duties but what many don’t know is that their offices are incredible. The colours of Google are resembled in their offices too, with bright and bold colours filling most of the walls.
  2. In second we have the McLaren Technology Centre in Surrey. This building is where McLaren have their offices for the Formula 1 racing car. The building is very similar to its cars in terms of how aerodynamic it is. It is full of perfectly curved corridors and architectural glass walkways. The offices also boast a 475-foot-long wind tunnel used to test their Formula One cars and huge artificial lakes surrounding it.
  3. In third is the Vodafone building in Portugal. It may not win the ‘best interior award’ but its exterior is very close to number one. This building is an architect’s dream. This ultra-modern design contains jagged edges, triangular windows and some incredible views which make it a brilliant place to work.


  4. Number four is a building in Stockholm, Sweden and belongs to Skype. The interior to this office looks like it has been blasted with a gun from Ikea. There are tons of quirky chairs and tables all adding to the kaleidoscope of colour. The iconic logos of Skype like their clouds and stars are represented throughout with the office having a massive light and airy feel to it.









These offices are all beyond cool, but if you think these are not achievable in your new office then this is where you’re wrong. By buying a new offices in Peterborough or Cambridge you are giving a blank canvas to put your stamp on it. Your cool office is only a stone throw away.

Will This Bring High Streets Back To Life?

chris parkhouseThe Chairman of the Institute of Directors in the East of England, Chris Parkhouse, has said that he thinks making it easier to convert business premises into a property for residential use will help the current economy.

He indicates there is a severe housing shortage throughout Cambridgeshire and this is pushing housing costs to extreme levels that are unaffordable for home-buyers. It is considered that a lot of unsuitable office space in Cambridgeshire is left vacant and could be used better as accommodation.

It may prove that conversion of office space to residential use may also give the construction industry a much needed boost too.  Mr Parkhouse recommends the government go one further and allow other types of Commercial Property in Cambridgeshire such as shops and warehouses to be easily changed other forms of accommodation.

Ultimately there still needs to be an element of planning control as it would be difficult to justify a blanket policy of change of use without logoconsent but there are obvious examples where planning could be relaxed or made easier to implement.  A good example of this is Garrick House, High Street Fletton Peterborough where Barker Storey Mathews are marketing a detached two storey former office building which sits in the middle of a residential area.  The offices benefit from a dedicated off street parking area for around 40-50 cars and this would prove more than enough space if the office building was to be converted to residential use, flats or bedsits as an example.