Make Sure Your Employees Move Business with You


Moving offices can be a stressful time for you, as the business owner. But it can be a stressful time for your employees too. In this article we look at the ways an office move can affect your employees and what you can do to help lessen the affect, ensuring they move with you.

  • Tell employees where you are moving too, check in advance if it will affect their journey to work and if they use public transport check this is still possible.
  • Let your employees know it is okay to come to you with their concerns, there may be an issue that the bus they get arriving at work 30mins earlier. In which case you need to consider maybe opening the office sooner, or letting employees work flexi-time.
  • Check if there is a cost for parking that was not charged at the current office, explain how this will be paid for and if it will be paid for.
  • As soon as possible, let your staff know when the move will be, if you are requiring them to do overtime, help with the move or if they need to pack up by a certain date.
  • Ask your team what they think about the new office, take them down there to see it, ask them about how the office should be laid out. Get them involved in the move.
  • Discuss what arrangements did not work in the old office and how they can work better in the new office, for example a photocopier nearer to reception as they use it the most, etc.
  • If you are choosing to re-brand further to the office change then get the opinion of the staff, see what they think about the current branding and colours. Get the team involved to boost morale.
  • If your staff get lunch locally, then look at new places they can go to, if a sandwich van comes round or if there is a local supermarket. Let your staff know so they can plan lunch. Maybe go out for a staff lunch on the day of the move?

The most important thing is that your staff feel like they are part of the company and they are involved in the office move.

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