Top Tips for Employees Packing Up Their Office

Moving Office Doormat

It is wide to delegate jobs when moving offices, for example getting each employee to pack up his or her own desk or cubicle.

This is a great way of making sure nothing gets lost in the move and every member of your team takes responsibility for their own things.

  • Write down what you are taking and what you are not taking. For example the desks may belong to the building so they can not be taken, so the drawers need to be emptied out. The same goes for other large items like shelves, cupboards and filing cabinets.
  •  Even large furniture that is being taken with you will need to be emptied out. You may find that a filing cabinet takes longer to clear out than it takes to empty your desk. This is a great time to clear out documents that are no longer required – make sure they are destroyed safely and securely though. • When emptying the filing cabinet try and put the files into boxes in the same order they are in the filing cabinet. Stuff sides with old newspaper to keep them straight so they don’t fall out of place in the box.
  • Go through every drawer one by one and empty it out. When you put things into boxes put your name on the box and a list of contents of the box. If you have a department put that on their too – this way you can ensure the box will arrive with you at your new office. • Check with your boss how much room you will have in your new office. If your current desk is covered in plants and photo frames you will need to see if this is possible in your new office.
  • It may be wise to move personal items yourself. This way you know they will not be broken or lost as you will be looking after them yourself.

It is often a good idea to have a couple of packets of biscuits to hand for the move, a portable kettle and some tea bags, so you can grab a cup of tea and a quick break while moving things from one place to the next. Maybe buy a new plant for your new desk, so you can make your new office feel more personal?

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