Great Value for Money

home valuesLeave the valuation of your home or business to the experts.

Valuation of a property is important in determining the correct price of a property, so getting this correct is a necessity. Sometimes a valuation is not what you expected but other times it can be more than you expected. One thing you can be sure of is that a valuation from Chartered Surveyors will be accurate.

Valuation work has become increasingly important over the past few years and is necessary for a variety of reasons. There are issues that have to be considered with valuating and it can often affect the whole process. They include property acquisition, company accounts, divorce, probate, disposal and loan purposes.

By having your valuation made by Chartered Surveyors you can be sure to get an experienced opinion and ensure that the best price is achieved for your property. Chartered Surveyors deal with a lot of properties that can range from a pub all the way through to a garden centre.

Often, the valuation of a property or business can determine your next steps so it is important to make sure you achieve the best and fairest results. Virtually every style of property can be valued, so if you think your property will be the exception, why not find out, you could be wrong.

There are offices throughout Cambridge and Peterborough that have already been valued to the highest of standards. If you want a head start or want to see what your valuation can buy you once yours has been moved on then there are plenty of locations that you can view. This way you can compare your property to that of a similar style and size and get a feel for the type of valuation the Chartered Surveyors will offer you.


Get in touch with Barker Storey Matthews and sort the valuation of your property, today.


Make Sure Your Employees Move Business with You


Moving offices can be a stressful time for you, as the business owner. But it can be a stressful time for your employees too. In this article we look at the ways an office move can affect your employees and what you can do to help lessen the affect, ensuring they move with you.

  • Tell employees where you are moving too, check in advance if it will affect their journey to work and if they use public transport check this is still possible.
  • Let your employees know it is okay to come to you with their concerns, there may be an issue that the bus they get arriving at work 30mins earlier. In which case you need to consider maybe opening the office sooner, or letting employees work flexi-time.
  • Check if there is a cost for parking that was not charged at the current office, explain how this will be paid for and if it will be paid for.
  • As soon as possible, let your staff know when the move will be, if you are requiring them to do overtime, help with the move or if they need to pack up by a certain date.
  • Ask your team what they think about the new office, take them down there to see it, ask them about how the office should be laid out. Get them involved in the move.
  • Discuss what arrangements did not work in the old office and how they can work better in the new office, for example a photocopier nearer to reception as they use it the most, etc.
  • If you are choosing to re-brand further to the office change then get the opinion of the staff, see what they think about the current branding and colours. Get the team involved to boost morale.
  • If your staff get lunch locally, then look at new places they can go to, if a sandwich van comes round or if there is a local supermarket. Let your staff know so they can plan lunch. Maybe go out for a staff lunch on the day of the move?

The most important thing is that your staff feel like they are part of the company and they are involved in the office move.

Cover All Bases


Having the correct planning and organisation of your building or land has never been so important.

Obtaining the right advice is vital and can increase the value of land and buildings significantly. With the increasing complex planning controls and policy guidance it makes the need for specialist guidance a necessity.

The planning process can often be confusing or have complications that go unmissed, so ensuring that every corner is covered is a must. No matter how far along in the process you or your business is, there is always advice available. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

I’m sure you don’t want to be half-way through your plans and then hit a brick wall because something has been missed. The whole process should run smoothly with no complications so the right advice at the right time is vital.

With the assistance of specialist development and valuation surveyors, the optimum use of land in terms of its planning potential, market demand and end value can be achieved. The services that are offered by experts such as Barker Storey Matthews are invaluable to both land owners and developers alike. With the capability to produce master plans and indicative designs and layouts and using sophisticated development appraisal software, the range of development can be evaluated. Your project could be improved with the help of experts.

Maybe you haven’t even started yet and seek advice on where to begin or maybe you’re nearing the end of your project and just need a second opinion. It’s better to have every angle covered than to be sent back to square one because some finer detail went unmissed.

Make sure you and your business are in the know by having correct planning and guidance. Don’t get caught out!


Top Tips for Employees Packing Up Their Office

Moving Office Doormat

It is wide to delegate jobs when moving offices, for example getting each employee to pack up his or her own desk or cubicle.

This is a great way of making sure nothing gets lost in the move and every member of your team takes responsibility for their own things.

  • Write down what you are taking and what you are not taking. For example the desks may belong to the building so they can not be taken, so the drawers need to be emptied out. The same goes for other large items like shelves, cupboards and filing cabinets.
  •  Even large furniture that is being taken with you will need to be emptied out. You may find that a filing cabinet takes longer to clear out than it takes to empty your desk. This is a great time to clear out documents that are no longer required – make sure they are destroyed safely and securely though. • When emptying the filing cabinet try and put the files into boxes in the same order they are in the filing cabinet. Stuff sides with old newspaper to keep them straight so they don’t fall out of place in the box.
  • Go through every drawer one by one and empty it out. When you put things into boxes put your name on the box and a list of contents of the box. If you have a department put that on their too – this way you can ensure the box will arrive with you at your new office. • Check with your boss how much room you will have in your new office. If your current desk is covered in plants and photo frames you will need to see if this is possible in your new office.
  • It may be wise to move personal items yourself. This way you know they will not be broken or lost as you will be looking after them yourself.

It is often a good idea to have a couple of packets of biscuits to hand for the move, a portable kettle and some tea bags, so you can grab a cup of tea and a quick break while moving things from one place to the next. Maybe buy a new plant for your new desk, so you can make your new office feel more personal?


Trivia Day








Well it’s National Trivia Day on 4th January.  Being in the property industry we thought it might be appropriate to make a few comments although appreciate it’s probably been heard before and is probably tediously boring for some.  Well so be it!

According to various reports Southend recorded the biggest rise in house prices among major UK towns and cities in 2012 according to Halifax.  It further pointed out that, based on its own house price data, the average selling price was 14.8% higher than in the previous year, increasing from £172,782 in 2011 to £198,418 in 2012.

The report highlighted that apparently prices were up 2.1% on average across the whole of Essex so that would also suggest therefore that some areas took a bit of a pounding!

Other areas that saw significant property price rises tended to be in the south-east and within commuting distance of the capital.  Indeed six of the ten towns recording the strongest price rises in 2012 were in the South East, whilst the biggest declines in prices were outside the south.

This doesn’t necessarily follow in the commercial property markets although it’s fair to say that central London with some suburbs of the capital outperformed all other areas of the UK.  For the area that Barker Storey Matthews operate in, Cambridge offices are the most expensive for prime buildings although the market was not, shall we say, red hot!  The Peterborough office market performed well with take up at its highest level for probably five years but the Huntingdon market remained subdued.  The industrial property market remained problematic although there is now a shortage of large warehouse buildings across Cambridgeshire and East Anglia as a whole, an issue that will not go away whilst empty rates are charged on buildings whether occupied or not – leading to a lack of activity on the development process.